Food is not just for enjoyment but for nourishment too! It is said you are what you eat, so choose what you eat carefully but also eat joyously as there are very few things you get to share which brings people together.

I am predominantly a vegetarian. However I do also cook and enjoy non vegetarian food, but that is occasionally and mostly on the weekend. This a habit my husband and I have put in place because we feel this is better for our health but also allows us to enjoy everything at a level of moderation.

Having to cook mostly vegetarian food one needs to be creative and also have a fairly wide range of recipes available to oneself. For me enjoyment comes through variety and since every country has been blessed with so many different vegetables, beans and pulses, we should enjoy cooking and eating a variety of different foods, even if one only eats vegetarian food.

I have included recipes here that I have enjoyed cooking and serving for years. Some I have adapted because of the spice levels and others I have just slightly adapted the cooking methods. However I have always given you where the recipe has been taken from because  you may enjoy buying that book or going to that particular website for further information.

Enjoy cooking, sharing and eating with family and friends!