A spiritual perspective is about having an awareness of oneself, and the reasons situations are occurring in your life. It is about self knowledge through self awareness. Life can be a tranquil sea, a storm or a hurricane and the only thing you have to manoeuvre  through it are are your thoughts, emotions and actions. A strong belief in the divine that rules all life is essential and comforting. For me it is God, others might find other words to describe this connection, maybe soul, consciousness, spirit or higher self.


What do you do when life comes at you? Do you dwell in fear or succumb to anger? Do you fight or do you recede? Do you argue or do you stay seething in silence? Do you choose or do you feel as though you react before you have had a chance to decide, how you would like to proceed? The spiritual perspective offers you another way to look at your life. It is about using that which is at your disposal to gain insights. It helps you use your thoughts, emotions and actions to guide your life in the direction of the divine and not towards your egocentric self.

Without perspective, you are directionless in a moving vessel. You are tossed and turned and pushed and pulled without your consent or free will. If you crave a new way of understanding your life then the spiritual path is for you. The spiritual path, initially will not look any different, will not feel any different but daily you will gain the strength, the courage, the determination required to stand and know that you are okay regardless of what is taking place in your life. Stress, anxiety, worry, anger, irritation will be sidelined and not center stage in our lives anymore. Live, knowing no matter what, we are and always will be protected.



Insight is an accurate and deep understanding. Learning about anything mentally is insufficient, on the spiritual path. Your spiritual journey is inseparable from the physical life you live.A life lived without introspection is an unexamined life. The key to understanding your life, is understanding YOU. YOU are not your thoughts, your emotions or your actions, you are that which observes it all.Insights on life principles which are centuries old, is the gateway to intertwining your thoughts, emotions and actions, in alignment with god.Everything that is written is written from the perspective to help give insights that will empower the spirit, within ourselves.


Kundalini is energy. It is the primordial energy within each of us. It lies dormant at the base of the spine, until it is awakened. This happens spontaneously for some and for others it is the work of long hours of meditation and spiritual work. There are complex explanations of the chakra system and lengthy lists of symptoms and dark nights of the soul, all of which might hinder one from taking this journey. However it is a journey we are meant to take. Everything in nature contains within it, the seeds for its evolution. For us humans, our evolutionary seeds are contained inside this kundalini energy.


Food is energy and the energy contained in food provides us, nourishment. We need this nutrition and energy to do all that we need to do daily. Every fruit or vegetable or animal or fish you eat was a living organism at one point. We need to understand that living essence is what is being consumed. We need to show gratitude for what we have been provided. We did not create the foods we happily consume. It has been provided to us, in abundance and variety unparalleled. Appreciation for what we consume, helps not just nourish our bodies but also our spirit.